The STUDIO URBAN LANDSCAPES was founded by Hille von Seggern and Julia Werner as an interdisciplinary network for design research, teaching and practice in Hanover in 2005. Since then it has grown to include members from a broad range of backgrounds including landscape architecture, urban planning, architecture, civil engineering, biology, sociology and water management.
In 2003, Hille von Seggern and Julia Werner formed the STUDIO to develop and experiment with a particular approach to design teaching. The intention was to teach landscape design theoretically, experientially and dialogically. For many years the STUDIO was hosted in the ‘Off’, an outlying, almost abandoned but suitably spacious university building. In 2008, the STUDIO moved back to the main building of the Faculty of Architecture and Landscape Science in Herrenhäuser Straße, and continued its special integrated approach to teaching, research and practice.
Since 2011 a redesigned pavilion, an extension of the faculty building at Herrenhäuser Straße 8 has been made available for STUDIO teaching by Martin Prominski and his team.
Further STUDIO locations have since been established at RMIT University in Melbourne by Julia Werner (2009) and in Stuttgart by Antje Stokman (2010).
Since 2005, the STUDIO has initiated and undertaken numerous research and practice projects in various team formations in different cities and regions. You can find an overview of the STUDIO’s work on the project page.